Bruno Carpentry is a company founded in 1958 by Mr Sebastian Bruno, father Angelo, who became heir of a family tradition that over time it has established itself as a carpenter and master ebonist but, above all, what a great professional.

Even today Angelo in Bruno Carpentry continues to combine availability, professionalism, attention to detail and care of even the smallest details.

The Bruno Carpentry, strong history of inherited, has developed the business of wood processing becoming today the company for those who want a higher quality product that combines the tradition of sophisticated carpentry with the more refined production techniques.

The company, today, thanks to the fruitful collaboration of highly skilled professionals is able to develop wood processing in an integrated form. Thanks to continued collaboration with external professionals has developed a business unit dedicated to the design and be able to create elements of tailored joinery.

The company, in response to the strong growth of its orders, is developing a program that includes the strengthening of its positions on the local market, and is developing its business relationships over the national market, with the confirmation and development the high quality of its products.

Bruno Carpentry, in fact, since many years constantly participates in the International Fair Made Expo an opportunity to showcase the latest creations but also the place in which compare with the major stakeholders in the industry on an international level.