About Us

Since over 56 years in the field, Bruno Carpentry is specialized in the Wood structure realization, indoor and outdoor furnishing and in innovative product design.

Bruno Carpentry is a forefront company, today can boast an automatized production line, without overlook an unique and handcrafted unmistakable mark that has always distinguished all the work done.

It has a team of professionals that design and manufacture furnishing solutions tailored to fit the needs of the client, responsive to needs of the market and the environment, inspired by the recent construction and principles of sustainability.

The main values of Bruno Carpentry are the greatest attention to ergonomics and quality research in all phases of production (design, production, delivery, after-sales and maintenance).

The strength of Bruno Carpentry has always been the quality of the materials used, the exclusivity of the productions made on the basis of a project developed in the light of information received by the customer and the ability to produce objects, even in limited edition, able to convey the passion and attention to detail.


To live a place as a space in which yield to an experience of love.

Love for work, passion, quality, experience and traditional values that are expressed in the perceivable high artisan quality allowing the Bruno Carpentry to make live a place as a space able to emotion offering an experience. The Bruno Carpentry also develops production processes with low environmental impact preferring the use of natural materials and paints with water-based products.